Operating System
Software Application
Operating System
Service & Support
Client Windows 7
(OS & Hardware) Windows 8
Server Windows Server 2008
(OS & Hardware) Windows 2012
Database SQL Server 2000 , SQL Server 2005
  SQL Server 2008, 2012
  Install Domain
Language VB
Network Lan (Cable, Fiber Optic, Wire Less)
  Wan (Leasline, Internet, Tel), VPN, VLL (Testing program via Leasline )
System Network Client / Server (Program exist in Client, Data exist in Server that not late ,
    in case of simultaneously functions and each of are independent.)
System Databest Realtime (up to date)
System Working Multi Tasking, Multi User are able to simultaneously functions in same screen.
Report Crystal 8.5 is adjustable report is User required.
Graph Graph 32
Data Export Database program has pairs of DATABASE that able to develop for any reports.
Text File
Excel File and others as required due to supportable.
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