Operating System
Order (Forecast,sale,Production) Delivery Plan
Planning-Production Plan,Master Plan
Purchasing-PO-PR & PO-Auto
Inventory MA & Lot tracking  
Production Control & History   
OEE(Man, Machinery, แผนก, Process)
Costing – ต้นทุน Product,Job,Order-Project & Realtime
Delivery Domestic-Export
Inventory  FG – & Lot Tracking 
Advance  Function – Auto & Alert     
BOM (Bill of material & Process),Show Costing,store,time work realtime
Material use Plan, Process Plan & Alert
PO receive Plan & Alert,Supp-Summary
Capacity & Alert
WIP(work in process) by Cust,line, Product,Job,Ma & Process
Job Finished by Cust,Line,Product
Loss Analysis(Mat,FG,Process) &
Data Analysis & Graph
MD Function (One screen see all department) Day,Month,Year
Alert Function
MANU2005 (MRP Project)

As program for production of management-installment for directly industry factory, in generally, there are functions as MRP in nature. Therefore, best function should be system of MRP and MRP, moreover as foundation function is completely must be any Report to assessment output and analyzing functions of any performances that executives are able to determined more plan or improvement in further. MANU2005 is integrate functions of 2 parts as completely.

User : As tools of operating in part of industry manufacture such as sale-production order, production planning, purchase-supply, inventory, production, expense-overhead , production cost, work in process, work finished, efficiency of work, conclude-analysis and any forms of all processes, any reports, Graph chart, Gantt chart, Machine cap, etc.

Supervisor : As tools of coordinate any units of manufacture, comfortable for coordinate, reduce dispute , productivity in daily and same direction.

Manager : As tools of perform control and resolve, progressive, material, product, customer, shops, production lines, machinery, employee, time for work, cost, income.
Director : As tools for assessment-analysis of any units such as sale department, planning department, purchasing order department, store department , production department, delivery department, costing department, management department.

MRP is different from accounting due to accounting derived from figure into account, but MRP start from Forecast (some business) planning or advance prepare prior real performance and during performance is unable conclude (busy) . Some business must be work in process to know status of work and wait for finished, send to account . To see that during work accounting is not involved , as same as report MRP shall be conclude as clustering , improve efficiency of work in any parts. But accounting shall be explicate for examined. Therefore, data from accounting is less useful to MRP due to different of events , situation and target or objects of work. General manufacture shall have MRP coordinate with finance is completed ERP of industry manufacture and as tools for performance and data management and document of organization.

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