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Production industry whether production or type of foundation work, prior produce product shall be determine detail of product that what is consist of , how many , and how method or process , what is tools for production. Namely is one method of preparation prior real production , otherwise determine formula or any ratio of material , process.


Function BOM in MANU2005 are various functions to used with basic or single level product and multi level production, unlimited level and support for both hard industry and light industry, including to update data all the time.


This function is first port of receive data from customer prior send to others unit. (Data Entry)

As Function of sale department and production department to give sale order or Order Forecast and made as production order of industry , support Multi-User, Multi-Currency

Support Function for receive order data from outside into system.

Support Function for automatic order.


Collective and display in kind of report including compare and display graph or statistic for assessment for maximum useful.


As function of production order and open job unlimited. Program is calculate , fixed date of process accordance with all departments. There are collective and array including material lists for use in each process automatic suitable with same level and multi level.

Able to issue purchasing order, work process , ordering/ Station or Machine.

Reduce problem to coordinate of unit in organization, due to as order via system and working by system, not late to involved unit.


As function of purchase-supply-any tools. This part is link with production plan including check quantity of material for purchasing order and improve material immediately accordance with situation.

Able issue purchase order, application for purchase both of Manual and Auto.


System is collective data and display in any reports or statistics for assessment quality of material, , Part, Supplier and operator, support for purchase-supply is maximum benefit of investment.


This part is suitable for production industry , support Lot -Tracking and management more material. Program is set group of material, Part, Semi Part , product for use with characteristics of work and events, such as material and part are link to production plan, product is link to delivery plan is tracking all the time for status and events.

System is collective data and display in report , constitute for assessment quality of material, Part, Supplier and performance for most benefit.


This function is collective data is finished in each process of any departments , to assessment efficiency of operating in that day. There are link to planning and operating according to master plan is set up as order via material plan , process plan and used in any departments according to production process in each methods. There are record quantity of unit , lose material and process, improvement , rework for real time including to improve plan of work, then system is cut any lists that completed out of this part , not duplicate work . Moreover, collective expense as cost of production that display output in type of report or statistics for assess unit, operator , tools , equipment for more quality and most benefit.


As function of costing product or costing production for ,manage and control expense in production. There are link to production department , system is collective any values of occurred performance as costing product is derived from wage , costing operating, machine, material, Part, Packing, overhead, maintenance, lose material, lose Process , lose product or damaged. There are display in any types according to functions and system. Adjustable costing as standard of cost according to seasonal , program is display costing for many types of functions , such as Standard Cost, Purchase Cost : event at present, Actual Cost : FIFO or Average. When compared with standard cost is given Over value or Loss , system is divided costing as material value , production value or performance (labour), value of performance (overhead) and display work in process and finished product. Finally, Function is record data in part of 2 Function , that is Miscellaneous and Expense for general expense, the others system is record as Auto .


Withdraw-Distribute or record any lists is required in any Jobs and print withdraw document such as following job, transport and Shipping .

Costing update immediately.

Calculate costing from real payment.

Function Expense as Overhead.

This function is collective any data of organization whether how movement, such as sale division , purchase , store (receive-distribute), inventory, delivery, planning, production , design , accounting(expense), new customer, new shop, new product, new material , new process inform to executives. Including conclude output , security system , determine rights of user. Then system display output in type of report or statistics for assessment , operator, tools for resource management and quality for most benefit.

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