Profit & Benefit


1. Manager Tools
As tools for management industry manufacture of executives, efficiency and most benefit to investment (Problem of executives is lack equipment and tools for inquiry about result of performance and problem is occur within movement that caused of uncomfortable, accurately decision and timely.

2. Manufacturing Smart
Support manufacture is stable, strong, rapidly growth and fighting with problem and obstacle is occurring in future.


3. Short Time
Save time for fast movement, more flexible, rapidly searching, clearly order, see weak and strong point of work immediately and clearly, reduce problem meeting point, save time, save expense, namely, reduce cost and more quantity and quality. From these reasons some industry manufacture productivity to 100% when use MANU2005. Some manufacture more employee to 70-80% or expanding rapidly manufacture, some manufacture use program to 6 months to 1 year, and continue expanding in short-time, another reduce loss and some manufacture use program to 6 months to 1 year, return software value from investment.


4. Short Distance
Reduce distance, reduce flexible about workplace is more far away. In case of office and manufacture is separate, that able control manufacture is differ place, such as office is located on Bangkok, manufacture is located on perimeter or provincial or foreign (Whether in any parts of country or part of the world) able contact for more information via Internet.


5. Accommodation
Any units are able to rapidly functions, reduce problem for co-working and reduce complex.

Operator : Operating in part of manufacture office such as sale, production order, production planning, purchase-supply, inventory, production expense, production cost including any forms of any units.

Manager : Management to control job, resolve problem, progressive of sale division, purchase, store, production, delivery, efficiency, work in process, machine, workman, costing material, product and time.

Director : Analyzing output of sale division, planning, purchase, store, accounting, production, determine strategy is efficiency driven, timely or situation of occurring economic in each times.


6. Organize to Propel
Driiven organization is fast grow due to MANU2005 have large database and supportable functions of all department, all divisions that unlimited quantity of data and update as real-time. Therefore, all of organization (manufacture) are fast movement and as coordinator following or activate function of each units as involved. System is driven automatic from operator which self-inspect or competition that not remain in any parts (due to system is display data all the time ), more quantity from same time, same workman amount. Because not waiting for complete of function or delivery. System is report all of MANU2005 which link to all of production and function as Real-time, Multitasking, Multi-user, if any division or any parts is occur problem for operating (alert) improve immediately that not more damage or loss time and able prepare for advance problem, executives is able see total image clearly how is organization. How is weak and strong point for decision of function or set policy of organization (company) is clearly or nearly target , adjustable process or changing strategy to support event or situation is changing, that executives able lead organization to forward.


7. Database
Main received data such as any data of each divisions, modern, accordance with and correctly in same direction, timely or situation, reduce dispute and reduce problem of operator. Moreover, save time for resolve problem that correspondence negotiate such as same figure, same sale price, same product, same quality, same date, same problem or events and others. Data is not correspondence is not trust, unable resolve problem, not decision and loss time.

Due to MANU2005 as Real-time, Update data all the time accordance with industry and system is only Real-time that functionable.

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