1. Automatic functions
Many part support user is flexible such as planning production is checkable, demand product and open job meeting requirement, all both of easy and complex production as Multi level. Program is calculable, auto purchasing order, issue PO. In case of insufficient material for program, advance notify and inform problem is occurring.


2. Advance notify to support operator
about situation and manage material and product timely, such as late material, unfinished product , late delivery, product not movement, barely material-product, late production, expire material and product, open job for more application.

3. Alert for lack quality of material-product
to produce or delivery.


4. Alert not movement material
and product and manage material and product are efficiency.


5. Alert barely material
and product for purchase-supply or more production is required.


6. Function OEE (Over all Efficiency Equipment)
Efficiency of all divisions, department, division, M/C, TEAM WORK, every days, every months, every years such as efficiency of planning, efficiency of work, usage tool-machine-workman, function accordance with planning or not, properly to productivity or not, how waste quantity, valuable for expense or not and how usage time.


7. Function Loss & Loss Analysis
Such as loss product, loss material, loss process. Able told about code, quantity, value and caused as daily, moth and year and LOSS ANALYSIS for analyzing to any causes are occurred for resolve problem.


8. Costing
As AUTOMATIC SYSTEM that program are collective such as costing, work in process, JOB, ORDER and others.


9. Output of MANU2005
Different from general MRP due to any reports in MRP are complex such as Master Plan, Material Plan, Process Plan, OEE, Costing, WIP, Graph Chart, Gantt Chart, Alert, Analysis. Program is done for all that not have any Input . Due to as advance development program data is synthesized.

- Analyzing foundation data and immediately usage, actual decision and order and concluded as report for any values, accuracy inspection and output for all of functions, display on screen immediately.  


10. Many reports all of details - Condlude - Analysis
Various types and operating both outside and inside organization, such as outside use sale price, sale quantity, cost. Inside use purchase price, product quantity, loss material-labour-product, time, coordinate, planning, operating for suitable costing and support outside strategy as efficiency.


11. Inspection or control
Actual movement due to continue collective data of any lists, unable adjust data. In case of problem checkable events or situation for searching error or cause of problem is occur and source of problem immediately.


12. Planning for all manual and auto
Checkable system for open job , all of production plan, usage plan, operating plan, purchase material plan, delivery plan, distribute material into production line, completely delivery product including inspection productivity all the time.


13. Purchase - Supply - Part
Usable for Auto PO and support in case of complex production (Multi level of BOM, calculate material must be purchase)

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